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  • Mosaic

    Published 17/10/23

    Mosaic Update - 15.10.23

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    Published 28/09/22


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  • Local Authority Review - 2nd December

    Published 21/09/21

    As you may already know, Gillingstool is due at any time due to have an OFSTED inspection. We were last visited in September 2018 and I am sure you can tell that a lot has changed at Gillingstool over those three and a bit years.
    Whilst we await the return of the inspectors, we have regular Local Authority reviews by a team led by the Head of Education, Learning and Skills for South Gloucestershire. One of these ‘mini-inspections’ occurred last week and we are incredibly pleased with the outcome of the visit.
    I wanted to share some quotes from the report with our community.
    The overall quality of education in the school is secure and there is an improving picture.
    The school now has a strong curriculum.
    In respect of more contemporary issues, pupils ‘ooze’ with knowledge and understanding about the impact of climate change.
    Much effort and thought has been taken when designing learning environments.
    Pupils are knowing more and remembering more as a result of effective teaching over time.
    Behaviour across the school is strong, this is largely based upon strong relationships that exist between adults and pupils and pupils and pupils.
    Pupils talk about how they are expected to converse with one another in a respectful manner.
    Governance is strong.
    This really reflects the hard work and commitment of the team at Gillingstool and we would like to thank you, our families, for supporting us and sharing in that hard work along the way. Hopefully, next year we will get the opportunity to share our wonderful school with OFSTED too.


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  • New News Story

    Published 19/05/21

    Pride in Play holiday club is beginning at Gillingstool. Contact Dave for more information. 07401 816839

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