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Remote Learning at Gillingstool

Gillingstool Primary School supports the highest standards of teaching and learning in the event of a national lockdown or a child isolating at home. All pupils will have access to high quality teaching and learning and we will ensure inclusivity for all. Pupils will be provided with work that is befitting of their age and ability, supported by appropriate scaffolds.

Teachers will plan to ensure that learning is revisited, knowledge and skills are retrieved and are transferable. We will provide distance learning in the most appropriate format for our families, whilst pupils are not at school. Communication will be maintained via Class Dojo, our school website, text messages, phone calls, visits and emails.

We will aim to:

  • provide a link between home and school;
  • support all home learners remotely using Class Dojo, Zoom and Parentmail;
  • encourage reading daily and phonic lessons;
  • provide high standards in online education using Oak Academy lessons and appropriate follow up independent work planned from the National Curriculum;
  • provide devices and/or SIM cards for families with limited access to IT;
  • provide additional support where need is identified;
  • signpost health and well-being resources.

Our school expectation is that children read with an adult at least 4 times a week as well as practising spellings and number facts. 


Remote Learning from Autumn 2021

Should your child be unable to attend school due to COVID 19 but well enough to complete their schoolwork, teachers will prepare work which can be accessed at home. Teachers will send this home via Class Dojo as we did during the last lockdown.

Should children need a device to complete their home learning please contact the office or class teacher and we will provide a solution - either a laptop or SIM card.

You can also use this link to access a virtual library of reading books for you to explore with the children.