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Attendance and Absence

Attendance Awards

Congratulations to Year 6 who were awarded the Domino's Pizza Attendance Prize for Term 4 with an average 94.9% attendance rate despite COVID 19.

Year 4 were a very close second with an average of 94.85%. 

Congratulations also go to the winners of our Gold Attendance awards with 100% attendance this academic year.


Authorised Absence

Absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. This may include illness, family bereavement or religious observance. There will be some rare occasions when other reasons for absence may be authorised but please check. 

Unauthorised Absence

There are times when children are absent for reasons that are not permitted by law. These are called unauthorised absences and include such examples as:

  • Going for a family day out
  • Having a birthday treat
  • Going shopping
  • Over sleeping
  • Looking after a sick relative or pet
  • Meeting relatives
  • Waiting in for a delivery
  • Being absent and no reason is given
  • Not taking part in a school visit or activity day
  • Family holiday

Unauthorised absences (over 10 sessions) and low attendance (currently below 90%) have to be brought to the attention of the Educational Welfare Officer who may contact you to discuss any attendance issues.

The Local Authority has the power to take legal action against you should attendance remain low or unauthorised absence continue