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School Counsellor

What is school counselling and how can it help children and young people?

School counselling provides children and young people with opportunities to discuss and address concerns and worries. School counselling provides a safe space within a school and includes education staff in the strategies used to support an individual in overcoming their difficulties or concerns.

What does the School Counsellor do?

The School Counsellor improves emotional wellbeing and mental health through focused assessments and interventions. Our School Counselling Team prevent the escalation of social, emotional and mental health difficulties through:

  • Encouraging the child or young person to express their voice
  • Empowering children and young people to maximise their potential and reach meaningful goals
  • Exploring the difficulties of children and young people
  • Increasing children and young people's understanding and ability to address their difficulties
  • Promoting strategies to cope with change
  • Supporting the development of personal strategies needed to manage problems
  • Increasing resilience

At Gillingstool the Wellbeing Team may recommend School Counsellor support if a child has had a number of ELSA interventions but still has further emotional needs.