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Times Tables Rockstars

‘Times Tables Rockstars’ will be introduced to the children in Year R in term 6, in preparation for use in Year 1. We would like the children to use a minimum of three times every week.
More information to follow in term 6, let us know if you need help logging on.


Word Lists
Children will begin receiving word lists in Term 2 once they start blending sounds to read. Lists will be given out on a Friday and checked the following Friday. Word lists will include a mix of phonetically decodable words (words that can be sounded out by each sound, for example: c – a – t ) and tricky words (words that cannot be decoded by sounds, for example: the, was, said) that need to be learnt and read on sight.



Children are expected to read for a minimum of 10 minutes a day. Please make a note in your children’s reading record - either a comment or a smiley face. In Year R, after 50 nights of reading you will be presented with a brand new book from our prize book cabinet!

It is really important that the children read their reading scheme book out loud, to practice fluency and expression.  Please do ask your child lots of questions about the text, in order to develop their understanding of the plot, characters, setting and vocabulary.  Many of the books have key sounds, words and vocabulary inside the front cover to read together before reading the book, and at the end of the book, many have comprehension style questions. 

It is also important that the children still hear you read to them regularly, using a book that maybe beyond their level of fluency. 


Maths games

In Term 3 the children will begin receiving a maths game from our maths game library each week. Games will be issued on a Friday and collected on a Monday.